Self Managed People are our greatest asset

Continuous Improvement. A lot of companies use these words today. What’s special at DRCS is that here, continuous improvement is more than a philosophy: it’s a way of life.

Every employee at DRCS is charged with contributing ideas and taking action to make things better for our customers, for our colleagues and even for ourselves!

Our company was founded on the power of a good idea. And we know that good ideas can only come from people. Because of this, we believe that self-managed people are our greatest resource. Self-managed employees think and behave as owners in their everyday work and focus on the business results of their actions.

This kind of ownership creates the context for continuous improvement. By thinking like an owner, we all live by the same standards: we work as a team; we listen to each other’s ideas; we take pride in and show enthusiasm for our work. We constantly look for ways to improve our productivity and our efficiency. We make decisions that support win/win relationships with our customers. By thinking and acting like owners of the company, we all share in the company’s success.

We strive to promote from with-in the ranks of our companies.

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