Our Process – And Why It’s Unique

DRCS incorporates time-tested methods that lead to success.

  • Process IllustrationStep 1: Customer Contact & Interest Determination

    After a review of our customer's needs and concerns, we will interact with the customer and determine possible courses of action.

  • Step 2: Assessment

    An on-site review may be necessary to fully understand the unique operational characteristics of a specific location. Since all Rental Car properties have unique site lay-outs; the site dynamics must be fully considered. Time and motion metrics directly affect the most costly business variable, Labor.

  • Step 3: Proposal Planning and Design

    Based on an analysis of all the data, DRCS will recommend a comprehensive course of action that will best utilize the assets of the existing physical plant as well as personnel. The time necessary for this exercise will vary on the complexity of the mission. A final review is conducted with the customer to insure that the plan addresses their needs.

  • Step 4: Implementation

    DRCS senior management will be on site to insure a successful implementation. Senior management will be involved in all aspects to insure a successful transition.

  • Step 5: Follow-Up

    A review with the customer is recommended between a 90 to 120 days to insure that their needs are being addressed.